Product Move.Ment Details

Product Move.Ment is a exclusive marketplace where new brands can showcase and sell their original art, design and products. For a monthly fee and a percentage commission of all sale transactions, will host the selected vendor storefront. 

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BENEFITS TO PRODUCT MOVE.MENT VENDORS will provide vendors with:

  • A world-wide, non-exclusive, license to use the in connection with the sale of the vendor’s original product.
  • A world-wide, non-exclusive, license to use the proprietary functionality (that is, the technology) of


In order for vendors to efficiently sell through the Product Move.Ment blog, will be responsible for:

  • Running and operating the functionality of the Product Move.Ment blog including all related technical maintenance.
  • Ordering and payment processing for products sold on the
  • Upon each sale, electronically forwarding an invoice/receipt of such purchase to the customer and the vendor whose product is purchased. The vendor will then be responsible for shipping the product in accordance with the's established shipping policy.
  • On a monthly basis, sending the vendor a check equal to 65% of the sales of the products, less monthly fees, sold through the Product Move.Ment blog (see Product Move.Ment blog monthly commission information below).



The Product Move.Ment expects all brands to run their business in a professional manner. The responsibilities of vendors on the Product Move.Ment are:

  • Keep up the good work with your dope products.
  • The vendor will be responsible for updating his/her Product Move.Ment page on a regular basis and keeping the page nice and fresh.
  • The vendor will be responsible for implementing and posting information about the following policies/processes: shipping, returns and/or exchanges and customer service (except for questions related to technical processes, will not be responsible for customer service for the Product Move.Ment blog).



In exchange for the right to showcase and sell their product on the Move.Ment Page, vendors will pay the following fees:

  • A monthly “stall rental” fee of $25.00.
  • A commission fee equal to 25 % - 75% of the sales of the vendor’s goods.



The vendor will provide with the following items:

  • Digital photos of the vendor’s products to be displayed and offered for sale on the Product Move.Ment blog, including item/product descriptions, names and other relevant information.
  • Information related to the vendor’s shipping and return policies (which will be determined by the vendor in conjunction with and the vendor’s direct contact information (for customers to be able to contact the vendor about his/her products).
  • Any other information the vendor wants to post on the Product Move.Ment blog, except that the vendor will not be allowed to post any language or products that are deemed by, in its sole discretion, to be racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive and insulting ( will have the right to remove any language or products that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be racist; sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive and insulting at any time).
  • Once reviews and consents (in its sole discretion) to the above information, and the vendor will enter into a License Agreement and will set up shop!



The first term of the agreement between and the vendor will last for 2 months (this is called the Initial Term) and will be renewed automatically for additional periods of 1 month each, unless either party ends the agreement according to procedures set out in the License Agreement.


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